my mission is TO DOCUMENT LOVE AND CELEBRATION THROUGH THE POWER OF STORYTELLING. I WELCOME PEOPLE FROM ALL WALKS OF LIFE AND do my best to cultivate a community of acceptance, understanding, diversity, and love. I intentionally align myself with people who share these values and work towards creating a safer and more embracing community.

Hi, my name is


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I'm here to help, not to push you into anything that doesn't feel right.

By chance or by fate, there is a good reason why you've come across my page. Thanks for looking at what I have to offer and hopefully we can work together.

My name is Breanna and I am based out of Orange County, California. I am a wedding photographer who works diligently to provide a thoughtful and joyful experience for people who also value being intentional by guiding them throughout the process and providing them with beautiful, meaningful photos. 

I'm a 6w5, a huge introvert, a proud dog mom to Sadie, and I'm known to make some incredible bread. I have a passion for people, learning about cultures, and really, really good food. As someone who has a background in Cultural Anthropology, I have a passion for running my small business and providing this deeply vulnerable service for people who value memories.

There's something extremely special about being a photographer. It's basically my job to let you be present in the moment. This doesn't come naturally for many people, especially with the awkward pressure of being in front of the camera.

That's where I come in.

I do my very best to connect with you so that you can trust me and not have to worry about anything. Don't know what to do with your hands? Worried your smile looks fake? Never taken professional photos in your life? That's totally ok! That's why people hire me. Showing you that I'm confident in my process will make you feel more at ease. My approach is very simple. I'm there to guide you, but I also want you to really take it in.

I want you to be present.

I'm just there to create that opportunity and that space for you to do so. I'm here because I care. I know how hard it is to find someone who won't treat your wedding like another paycheck. For me, I treat every session like it's my own. I care about the intentional details, the interactions you have with your loved ones, and story behind your love.