A dreamy sunset at the Griffith Observatory? Count me in.

Zach emailed me MONTHS prior and explained in great detail how he wanted to make his girlfriend feel special with a surprise shoot for her birthday (they came all the way from Florida). The amount of love and passion this man has for her inspired me, and let me tell you it’s very rare to come across a relationship with this kind of depth. They had been together for 11 years, and even had a son together. These "just because" photography sessions are actually so incredibly special. It's a romantic gesture to let their partner know that they want to document that very moment with them. A moment to celebrate their love, their feelings, and their commitment to one another. Zach wanted to end their day in Los Angeles with a beautiful view of the city lights after sunset. So after months of planning, we met up at the Griffith Observatory at sunset and surprised Gabby with their photoshoot! She was so excited because they don't have any photos together. I felt so honored and excited that I could provide that for them. The Griffith Observatory is an incredible place to visit if you're in Los Angeles. There are trails everywhere, the Observatory is so fun to walk around in, and you'll get the most perfect view of the city. I highly recommend going early in the morning to avoid the crowds (and to get free parking). Or during sunset on the weekdays! Either way, it's still an incredible place that I love to visit. So play the music, sit back, and enjoy the most beautiful photos at the Griffith Observatory!

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