Cherrie and Darryl... where to begin

You know that feeling when you instantly click with people you've never met before? Just natural and easy-going. That actually tends to happen a lot with people I meet for photo shoots, which is a major reason why I love my job so much.

Cherrie and Darryl were no exception. Literally months before our scheduled session, Cherrie and I were texting back and forth about ideas and inspiration- I've never met someone so excited for their session before! It's always so great when I get to work with clients who match my energy, haha.

Cherrie had reached out to me about doing some photos for their upcoming 6 year anniversary. She wanted to do something special because they've never had professional photos taken of them. They didn't have a traditional wedding, so they don't even have wedding photos. Naturally, I was immediately on board because there's nothing more important to me than meaningful photos with the person you love! We spent a beautiful Sunday afternoon at the nearby hiking trail enjoying the endless field of flowers right before the sun set. Chino Hills State Park is an incredible location that I frequently go to for photoshoots. The endless hills make it a perfect backdrop to enjoy the views of Orange County.

Here's what Cherrie had to say about their experience:

"Me and Darryl are both so happy with how the photos turned out! I already showed my friends and family and they love them as well! I can’t wait to share these photos in June! Wish I can fast forward to June because I’m that obsessed with these photos! Been staring at them all night yesterday and I’ll probably do the same today. Thank you so much!"

I hope you enjoy these photos, so sit back, play the music, and take it in.

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