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Chase and josh

You know that feeling you get when life kind of just works out? When things just kind of fall into place. And it weirdly makes sense. This is how I felt about Chase and Josh. Their love is the kind of love that seems contagious. The kind of love that makes you want to be in love just so you can experience the depth they have. I first met them back in October of 2020 when they booked me for some engagement photos. Probably my favorite session ever, because I left thinking "wow ok I really wanna hang out with them more and be their friend!" But nothing more came out of that session. They just wanted some engagement photos and it went surprisingly so well.

Fast forward to January of 2021. The week before their wedding date, I got a text from Chase explaining that their original photographer had to cancel last minute and they wanted me to capture their day. Chase and Josh? Of course I wanted to! Because it was a very last minute wedding for me, I was kind of thrown into the day with not a ton of preparation or expectations. However, there's something special about spontaneous situations that turn out to be so beautiful. We spent the day shooting their love and chemistry in Santa Clarita. Bright sun, strong winds, and a whole lotta love. What more could you ask for? Witnessing a new, and exciting love is always refreshing and very moving. Especially when the love is so obvious and genuine. Their intimate first look completely set the tone for the rest of the day. They had a wedding party that eventually joined in on the fun. It was somewhat large, but you could totally tell that their friends and siblings were in love with their love. Chase and Josh had an intimate backyard ceremony at his parent's house. With immediate family and some friends, Chase and Josh exchanged their personal vows that left many people emotional. The ceremony was even streamed live for all of their friends and family to watch. The best part about micro weddings is the level of intimacy that is reached. This whole day was curated for Chase and Josh. No distractions, no drama. Just them.

Here's what they had to say about their experience working with me:

"I have always been awkward during pictures but Breanna is just straight to the point, natural, and fun. She played music during our engagement and wedding portraits which enhanced the experience so much. She gave us amazing direction while still keeping it fluid and natural. I found that most of our “candid” photos were actually candid and authentic smiles and laughs. I will definitely be referring her to everyone I know for photos and will absolutely be using her amazing talents again!"

Contact me if you want to hear more about microweddings!

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