navigating weddings during a pandemic

It's been about a year since the world shut down because of COVID. Plans cancelled, events postponed, quarantine extended. Not to mention the Black Lives Matter movement and the election. Through all of this disappointment and grieving, we watched weddings take a shift to adapt to this new stage of uncertainty.

Proposals over Zoom, drive-by elopements, and streamed parties became the only options for many. These stripped back ways of celebrating love reminds us of what's really important.

Despite the darkness that we all experienced, something beautiful was at work. The risk and loss that we come to experience in life makes us grateful for what we do have. It puts things into perspective and forces us to see what we've taken for granted for so long.

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So where is it heading?

It's common for couples to postpone their big wedding days to later this year or even 2022. There are, however, many who are opting for micro weddings and elopements.

Micro weddings are typically 50 people or less and they incorporate traditional wedding elements on a smaller scale. This is great for people who still want the traditional wedding things like walking down the aisle, a bridal party, or first dances. It's a great balance of celebrating with your loved ones, but in an intimate way.

Elopements on the other hand are typically 20 people are less and can look vastly different depending on the couple. Elopements today are beyond just the courthouse visit. Couples can get married on top of a mountain, exchange their vows at the beach, party on a boat with friends, or even make it a week long adventure with the closest people in their lives. There's much more flexibility and it brings the focus back to the couple in an intimate way.

With covid precautions, micro weddings and elopements have become more acceptable and more common this past year.

But will it stay for the long haul?

I think so. I think this young generation, who has experienced loss and grief and uncertainty, has a deeper appreciation for the things that matter most. Especially when it comes to weddings. As micro weddings and elopements have become more popular, I've seen and heard many people appreciating them more than large weddings. Less stress, less people you have to worry about, less money, and a lot more of "being in the moment."

Obviously, these smaller celebrations aren't for everyone. Sometimes a bigger and more traditional wedding fits the couple better, but this is something that isn't going away for a while. In my personal experience, I know wedding photographers and other wedding vendors are taking on more and more smaller weddings and elopements. I'm excited to see how this wedding industry evolves in these next few years.

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