Allison and Casey traveled all the way from Reno, Nevada to elope in Santa Barabara! With their love for the beach and the desire to get married in an intimate elopement- just the two of them (and me)! It was the most beautiful day in Santa Barbara, perfect for an elopement. When planning this day with them, they mentioned to me the importance of having fun in their relationship and how they wanted that to be conveyed in their wedding photos. This made me so excited to be a part of their day because I just knew we'd get along well.

We started the day at their Airbnb just a couple minutes from Downtown Santa Barbara. Allison and Casey helped each other get ready in this cozy little getaway. I can still their little giggles as Casey zipped up her dress and put on her shoes! As we made our way over to the Santa Barbara Courthouse, we admired the city and the small-town vibes. If you've ever been to the Santa Barbara Courthouse, you know how magnificent and historical the grounds are. The building itself is grand. The greenery and architecture provide a romantic backdrop for elopements. As we waited for their appointment, we took some portraits around the property. You can feel the excitement in these photos! The ceremony itself was short and sweet. It was just Allison, Casey, the officiant (Micheal), and myself. Witnessing their union was such a special moment.

After they officially got married, we made our way to the beach! Just a short drive from the courthouse, Casey and Allison wanted to get some more shots with the car they rented for the day. This little sports car was so fun to work with. This getaway car added the perfect balance of timelessness and nostalgia that Allison and Casey were going for! Allison and Casey exchanged personal vows on the beach. The waves crashing behind them gave them privacy as they poured out their hearts to one another. We finished the session popping some champagne and splashing in the water. What I loved so much about this day was the playfulness between these two. The day was full of giggles and cute little moments.

What I love about courthouse elopements (and also why they're my favorite!) is that they are so intimate and unique. Allison and Casey did exactly what they wanted to do- no pressure or outside opinions- just their own definition of a celebration of love. I am always so honored to play a part in courthouse elopements!

If you and your partner are considering getting married in this way, please reach out to me! I'd love to talk about your day and how we can make it special and intentional.

exchanging personal vows in Santa barbara