So, picture this: Beverly Hills Courthouse, a handful of close family members, and a couple crazy in love – that's Valerie and Kilder's recipe for tying the knot. They wanted it low-key but still wanted to remember the day with some Insta-worthy shots. Enter me, your friendly (Los Angeles) neighborhood photographer ready to capture all the feels.

Valerie and Kilder, in their quest for an intimate 'I do,' also wanted those raw, unplanned moments snapped – the laughs, the side-eye glances, and the "we're really doing this" stares. But here's the kicker: they'd never done a professional photoshoot before. No worries, though, because they were about to discover that being in front of the lens could be just as comfy as their favorite worn-in jeans.

Choosing the Beverly Hills Courthouse as their backdrop, we embarked on a fun, laid-back photoshoot. Despite being photo newbies, Valerie and Kilder were naturals, and I played the role of the easygoing guide – capturing the good stuff without making them feel like they had to perform for camera.

Their commitment to keeping it real matched my style – no forced smiles, just genuine emotion. The result? A gallery of photos that's more like a love story scrapbook than a traditional wedding album. Each snap is a memory frozen in time, from the big grins to the sweet whispers.

Valerie and Kilder's laid-back courthouse elopement in Beverly Hills isn't just a love story. It's also a testament to the fact that a photoshoot doesn't have to be awkward. For anyone out there considering a session with me, you don't have to worry about being in front of the camera. I'll capture your vibe, your love, and your quirks – all while keeping it as chill as a Sunday afternoon. Because your love story deserves to be told, and it deserves to be told comfortably. All of my clients are not your typical professional models- but they always walk away feeling confident.

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