The day will go by before you know it.

Literally months and years of anticipation for this one day of your whole life, only to have it end as quickly as it started. Depending on what your day will look like, there could be a lot of moving parts. Family, vendors, the wedding party, all pulling you in different directions. Not to mention every guest that wants to have a conversation with you. So much can happen! As someone who has been through it and cares very deeply about couples enjoying their day, I want to talk about how you can be present on your wedding day. As your wedding photographer, there's nothing I want more than to see my couples fully in the moment. Here are 6 tips on how to have a stress-free wedding day!

1. Skip the wedding day countdown

"But Breanna, I'm so excited and I can't wait!"

Yeah, yeah. But no one talks about how being engaged isn't all that lol. When you're engaged, you just want to start your lives together so badly, that the only thing you can focus on is what you don't have. And as the number becomes smaller and smaller, the stress and pressure gets bigger and bigger. Instead, don't focus on the days, focus on you relationship with your partner! Challenge yourself to be present daily by appreciating what you do have. Get excited with your partner and talk about important things before you get married. Everything will fall into place.

2.Accept the fact that it won't be perfect

Lol that sounds so negative- I promise, it's not!! No matter how much you prepare, something always happens. Prepare yourself and your family, friends, wedding party, and vendors to expect to adapt with a positive attitude. Set those expectations in a straightforward way so that no one else's energy affects you. Negative energy is contagious, so make sure everyone is on the same page! If you expect everything to go perfectly, you're going to be disappointed. Be excited, but be realistic and flexible. There's so much pressure these days to have a picture-perfect, magical wedding, but I'm here to tell you that you don't need to please everyone. Stay positive, and roll with the punches. You're gonna have way more fun if you do.

3.Choose your inner circle wisely

One person is all it takes to create a sucky experience. This is YOUR day. Choose your wedding party and vendors carefully. Will this person or team serve me? Will they listen to my needs and solve problems? Or will they make problems? Surround yourself with people who know you best and love you the most. You're going to need all the support! Let go of what you can't control and ask help when you need it! People will help you even with the smallest things.

4.Build a timeline with some leeway

It's better to take your time on your wedding day than being forced to rush through everything. Weddings don't always go according to the schedule, so it's best to plan for some cushion in case things get pushed back. I'd hate to take something out because we don't have time! I love helping my couples with this part because this determines how your day will go.

5.Prepare yourself the week before

The week before your wedding is a critical time for your mental health. Set intentions at the beginning of the week to stay grounded. Journal, meditate, do breathing exercises, whatever it takes for you to unwind and set your mind on the most important things for you. This looks different for everyone! But I want to encourage you to make time for yourself to be alone and find peace within yourself. You could be completely chill, you could be stressed out of your mind- but self care shouldn't be overlooked, no matter what. You're probably going to be feeling like every emotion. The nerves, the excitement, the stress! Literally a rollercoaster. If you don't take care of yourself first, there's no way you can arrive ready to be present.

6.Plan some quiet time with your partner on your wedding day

Taking even just a small moment to rest on your wedding day goes a long way. I've seen many couples have a first look, pray together, or share letters. I've also seen couples have a moment alone right after the ceremony. These moments are the ones that you're going to remember and look back on them fondly. First looks always ease those wedding day nerves and being alone together gives you space to take it all in. As your wedding photographer, I'll be there to capture those moments so you can look back on them and remember how you felt. Those little moments are so special, they deserve some special attention.

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