How do I know I'm hiring the right person?

There is so much pressure when planning a wedding.

It can be so overwhelming! Your wedding day will be an important day that you want to look back on and feel a sense of peace. You want to remember those warm fuzzy feelings, not the stress of planning or the chaos of the big day. The photographer you choose is responsible for capturing the love and the happiness you have with your fiancé! This is a big responsibility so how do you choose someone that will understand your vision, but also be a great person to hang out with? Your photographer will be with you probably the most out of anyone (besides your spouse of course)!

But what if I told you that it can be simple to find a wedding photographer?

What if I told you that this process doesn't have to be overwhelming?!

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Your photographer should not be a low priority in your budget. Why? Because you get what you pay for. Thirty years down the road, you're not gonna be looking at your low budget wedding photos and think, "I'm so glad we spent all that money on the decorations! That was my favorite part of the day!" Of course you're not. Choosing the right photographer sometimes means making sure that they're a high priority in your budget. You can have a very low cost wedding, but your photographer can make it look like you spent $100,000 on it.

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This vendor will be by your side on the most important day of your life, so make sure you find someone you know will get along with you and your partner. Being in front of the camera can be SO intimidating, but if you find the right person, they'll make you feel comfortable enough to be yourselves.

Your photographer will be around you pretty much the entire day, no matter what you have planned. It's important to build that trust. I've compiled some questions and tips that you may want to consider when you're shopping around for a wedding photographer! I hope this helps you feel more confident in the person you choose and more excited for your wedding day!

ask them for their portfolio

If it isn't already available to you, make sure you can see their work. Stalk them! Get a good sense of their style, and make sure you absolutely love what they've created. You want a warm and moody style? Don't go with the photographer who has a light and airy style. Just because they're a photographer doesn't mean you'll love the end result.

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talk about budget

Don't be afraid to be upfront about your budget and ask them what they could offer for the amount you're willing to invest. Don't be too discouraged if they're pricing page isn't what you hoped for, because they might be willing to work with you! When you reach out to them, make sure you completely understand the package they're offering.

  • How many hours are they going to cover?
  • What does the package cost?
  • Is there an engagement session included?
  • How many images would you receive?
  • Do they offer any other services?
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get to know them

I recommend setting up a phone call or meeting before you hire them if you can. They should be willing to answer any questions you may have before you make any commitments. I like to make sure that the couple is a right fit for me as well. The more connected I feel to my clients and the more they understand me, the more we'll get out of the session. If there's a disconnect, it affects the overall experience. Here are some questions to ask them in order to get a better understanding of who they are. These help people figure out if the photographer's values align with your values, as well as their personality.

  • What's their favorite part about weddings?
  • Why do people hire them?
  • How do they work with people who aren't comfortable in front of the camera?
  • Do they help create a wedding day timeline?
  • How long will it take to get our photos back?
  • Do they offer prints?

Questions that are (probably) not important

What equipment do you use?

Unless you know the language of camera gear, this isn't really necessary. I firmly believe that camera gear does not define the ability, success, or talent of the photographer.

Can you change your style to fit ours?

This isn't worth it. Choose someone who has a style that you want for yourself! If you want someone to change their artistic style, they won't produce their best work.

Can you photoshop that?

Look, we can't make you look 10 pounds lighter, or fix your makeup in every image. Wedding photographers will have to edit literally hundreds of photos and they can't spend time making you look like something you're not. A good photographer captures what they see in front of them. Light touch ups may be an option, but you might have to pay extra for that. You spend lots of time and money on your makeup and clothing, so make sure you look exactly how you want to look in your photos.

Can we get a discount?

It's better to find someone who will work with your budget than to try to get a discount. I curate a price that has several different factors that are considered. Budgets are a real thing but this is how photographers make their living. Alternatively, you can tell the photographer your budget and ask them what they can offer for it.

the most important question isn't even a question.

Personality, artistic style, and professionalism are really the only things that matter.

I really consider past clients as friends because we just like each other so much! This is one of my favorite parts about being a photographer. I get to build relationships with people that I work with.

It's not about a business transaction, it's about the connection.