A wedding to remember

Angie and Ryota's wedding was a lot of things: it was casual, beautiful, full of oldies music and tacos, and there were classic cars everywhere. It was held at the Farmhouse by Rustic & Chic. This house was built in the 1920's and has lots of original details. It's unique and vintage feel made it the perfect venue for Angie and Ryota's unique wedding. This venue features an outdoor ceremony with an outdoor reception. It's all held in the same area, making it convenient for guests to navigate while allowing them to freely explore the grounds. I loved shooting at this venue! They do everything in-house, which is amazing for couples who want to keep it simple and easy to plan.

And for the ceremony - wow! It was outdoors in the middle of an amazing summer day in front of the house. It was straight to the point and very sweet, just like them. It quickly transitioned into the cocktail hour- open bar and lots of oldies (one of my favorite parts). Let me just say this, the vibes were immaculate. I'm talking just very laid back, good people, and amazing food and drinks. Everyone was raving about the caterer who served tacos. I've been to lots of weddings with tacos, but Estilo Gonzalez does it best. They're a taco caterer based in Orange County but also work in Los Angeles!

Ryota is actually a part of a car club, the Rumble Cats. They had these beautiful vintage cars lied up so the guests could take photos with (which we definitely did!) All of Ryota's closest friends from the car club were in the wedding. For Ryota, they're more than friends, they're family. This was such a sweet detail that really resonated with me. Being that Ryota is from Japan, this car club really welcomed him in and now they're brothers. Friends and family are a huge priority for Angie and Ryota. Family is everything to them. Ryota's relationship with Angie's son, Mason, is especially important to them. They share a deep bond and they're blended family is truly beautiful, another important highlight of their day!

Angie and Ryota

Angie and Ryota found me through a mutual friend. They loved the photos from that session and reached out to me! I loved talking with Angie. These two lovebirds met at Space City Vintage, a small business that sells vintage clothing in the heart of Los Angeles. Ryota has his own clothing line that he sells there. Angie and Ryota unexpectedly fell in love after that day. Their relationship is built on a strong foundation of love and acceptance, which is seriously just so special to be to witness in person. Angie and Ryota are the coolest people you'll ever meet. Their style, their energy, and their fun personalities made me feel like I've known them forever. Their unique retro style also just fits so well together, and it really shines through their wedding.

These two are just so in love and their wedding definitely reflected their personalities! I really enjoyed spending the with these two and their friends and family! I'm hoping to meet more couples like them in the future. If a non-traditional wedding is more your style, please reach out!!