Sunny year-round, beaches, mountains, deserts, valleys- it's all here! LA has so many different options, making it an amazing place to hold such an important moment. So now you're engaged (woohoo!), and you want to set a date to get things started. I'm here to break down the year and the wedding season. Let's dive in talk about the best time of the year to get married and why!

When is wedding season in la?

With covid making everything so uncertain, this year and next year will be really busy for wedding vendors. In general, wedding season is considered late spring through early fall. This means vendors such as venues, photographers, caterers, florists, and makeup artists are going to be most likely booked already. But don't worry! There are so many amazing vendors in LA, that there will always be someone available for you. Check out this post once you start shopping for vendors!

Now let's talk about why this is considered wedding season in LA.

This is the like the nicest time of year (spring especially). Daylight, warm nights, and blooming flowers all contribute to make Los Angeles the perfect place to get married. With winter being considered the "off-season," wedding vendors have the most weddings during this time. I'm going to break own each season so you can find when is best for you and your partner! Use a significant and special date, like an anniversary, or opt for a date that your dream vendor is available for. Either way, this post should still be informative for your wedding day!

"So when should I plan my wedding for?"


Ok so spring in LA is actually magical. The most perfect weather, I'm talking like 72 degrees and sunny with a slight breeze. Outdoor weddings are amazing during this time, because flowers are blooming and the sun is shining. Late April, May, and June is peak wedding season for this reason. LA is absolutely gorgeous during this time, making it a popular time to get married. Consider an afternoon wedding ceremony outdoors surrounded by green trees and an evening reception lit by string lights and candle lights during the evening.


Summer in LA isn't completely awful. Now, I know that sounds discouraging but let me tell you why! LA is so big. There are certain parts where it can get so so hot, but then there are parts where the weather is amazing. The best parts of LA during the summer are the beaches. Stay away from downtown and the valley if you're wanting an outdoor wedding- those get the hottest during the day. The coast feels way better, but there's a trade off. It gets the most busy on the beach during this time of year. However, there are venues along the coast that would be perfect to hold nay type of event! Peerspace is a great alternative to traditional wedding venues, and the diversity of venues in LA is amazing. If you absolutely love the summer, then I would suggest an indoor wedding, or a later ceremony! This will allow your guests to enjoy themselves without worrying about being uncomfortable in the heat.


Fall!!! omg. Ok I'm biased, because it's my favorite season of the year, but fall is actually an incredible time to get married. Fall in LA isn't very fall-ish compared to like the midwest (obviously). So this means it's still warm, but not too warm like in August. September and October are busy months for weddings because of the colors, the weather, and the overall cozy feel of the season. It gets slightly cooler and its the perfect opportunity to use fall colors in wedding decorations! Fall is such a vibe and it's a beautiful time of year.


December through February is considered "off-season" for wedding professionals. It gets colder in LA (well cold for Southern California natives lol). It's also a holiday season so people usually take time to focus on family. New Year's Eve is a popular time to have a wedding though! Anywhere in LA is good to have a wedding at this time, as long as it's indoors. This is actually the cheapest time to get married. More vendors will be available, and venues could have a lower price depending on the date you wish to get married. Be aware of the sunset, because the days are shorter in winter. Plan your schedule with lighting in mind and your photos will turn out amazing!

Now that we've talked about the seasons of Los Angeles, it's time to set your date!