Location: Elysian Park, Los Angeles, CA.

Best time to shoot: sunset or golden hour (when there aren't any Dodgers games!)

I am sooo excited to share this dreamy couple session of the lovely Akira and Izzy! The gorgeous light and golden hour sunset made for an absolutely perfect portrait session in downtown Los Angeles’ Elysian Park. We walked around, chatting about life and love and who knows what else we bonded over that evening. You can tell in these photos how much fun we had, as well as how in love they are with each other. They are such a sweet and genuine couple, but also so effortlessly cool! Their style was everything. Loved every minute of our session together and all the amazing shots we got. So grateful to have met Akira through my husband years ago and to have connected with both of them through the art of photography. Every photographer hopes for clients like Akira and Izzy – just so easy-going and fun to be around! Now I’m sharing these happy moments we captured together!

This couple session was a dream! I was so excited to photograph this couple at Elysian Park, because it's such a beautiful location with amazing views of downtown Los Angeles and the hills. We had so much fun playing with the gorgeous light of sunset, but also chatting about life and love (who knows what else we bonded over that evening). You can tell how much fun we had, as well as how in love they are with each other by looking at these photos.

For their session, we wanted to play with the gorgeous golden light of sunset, so we chose Elysian Park, a historic park with amazing views of downtown Los Angeles. Elysian Park is a beautiful place to shoot. There are so many great spots for photos, including the overlook and the grassy park areas. The golden hour is a great time to shoot because it's when the sun is low in the sky and gives you beautiful shadows as well as soft light. I wanted to create an ethereal feel with the light to contrast their edge.

I loved how this couple’s style was the perfect mix of cool and romantic when it comes to their style. Loved their outfits, loved their love!

We walked around the park, chatting with each other and taking in the beautiful surroundings before stopping at a stone bench to sit down for a few minutes. It felt so natural just hanging out there with them as we shot these portraits together!