A love so deep and so real...

Inspired by forbidden love in the 1940's, Jake and Joe wanted to document their love in an unapologetic way. They have been together for a few years now and this was their first time taking photos together. In planning this session, we were all very inspired by 1940's men's fashion. Specifically, photos of men in love. Those rare photos really resonated with Jake and Joe. So we met up at Elysian Park at 6 bin the morning to avoid the crowds and the sun. It was perfect- cloudy, cold, and quiet. I love shooting at this park in the morning because of these reasons. It allows my couples room to breathe and just be with each other. While being surrounded by green, we still had the most beautiful view of the city. Distant, but still so very close. Elysian Park is an incredible space for the type of sessions I curate for couples. My goal with these sessions is to create a safe space for them to focus on each other, the connection they have, and the beauty around them. I like to play some music to set the vibes , and then let them just do their thing. That's the beauty of it- simplicity. I really enjoyed my time with these two lovebirds and they're energy was so positive!

Jake and Joe

Jake and Joe both work with vintage clothing so they brought two different looks using clothes from the 1940's. They have the best energy. The gentleness and admiration they hold for each other is so deep and genuine. My goal with this shoot was to tell a love story by just a few images. Inspired by taboo love from the 1940's, these photos evoke emotions of longing, intimacy, and complete adoration.

I hope enjoy this session as much as I did!