Engagement Session in Downtown Los Angeles: Ashley+Jason

I had such a great time photographing Ashley and Jason's engagement session in downtown Los Angeles. We had so much fun exploring all the nooks and crannies of the Arts District, with many of their photos taken at places that are iconic for this part of town. These two were so fun to work with and I loved every second spent shooting with them!

Why Downtown LA?

An engagement session in Downtown Los Angeles always brings out the best in us. Ashley and Jason were no exception. They were relaxed and playful, which is all I could ask for when shooting these types of sessions. They wanted to shoot in this area because this is where they're getting married in 2023! Ashley really wanted the "urban" feel to come through their photos. I thought it was an amazing idea so I met them there just before the sunset. Something that I loved about these two was a that they weren't afraid to be a little goofy. Jason definitely brought out the goofy and fun side of Ashley, which was just so sweet! This was definitely one of my favorite sessions I've done yet this year - hope you enjoy seeing it as much as I do!

The Arts District

The Arts District in Downtown Los Angeles is a unique neighborhood. It's small, but it packs a lot of punch. It's home to many artists and performers who have made their mark on the city's history and culture. I'm so excited about photographing weddings in this part of Los Angeles, that if you want a Downtown wedding photographer, I'll come to you!

Ashley and Jason

These two lovebirds have been together for years. They're best friends, and their relationship is built on a solid foundation of love and acceptance. Ashley and Jason are planning their wedding at the Millwick, a charming venue in downtown Los Angeles with an indoor courtyard and garden area where they can have both the ceremony and reception. The Millwick is also close to several other benefits of having a downtown wedding: easy access to public transportation (including rail), plenty of restaurants within walking distance, and plenty of parking nearby. It's unique ambiance and design is perfect for their wedding day.

I loved spending the day with Ashley and Jason. They were so much fun to work with and I really enjoyed their positive energy. We had a blast doing the shoot at the Arts District in Downtown Los Angeles, which is now one of my favorite places to take photos!! So please, sit back, play the music, and enjoy the photos!

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