still. whole. grounded.

6 in the morning, blue clouds, nothing but the sound of the waves and Bon Iver on my speaker. This is how we spent our morning at the beach. I found Ruth on Instagram a while ago because she's an amazing product photographer in Long Beach. We decided to plan a spontaneous session at the beach one day. So we all met up in Malibu on a cold and cloudy morning. She and her partner, Greg, were the most chill people I've ever had the pleasure of working with. It's not every day that you meet people who are super down to take photos so early in the cold, but they completely trusted me and my process.

I've been really inspired by love. Not the passionate, fleeting, romantic love. The kind of love that requires a lot of hard work and intentionality, even when you don't want to be loving. Love that lasts. Love that you can obviously see through small acts of kindness, home cooked meals, and wiping away tears. I wanted to make people feel this depth of love through photos of people who had that. Love is contagious, no matter what form it takes. Ruth and Greg were so sweet and gentle with each other. I was even having a hard time with the early wake up call, but they made it so worth it. I'm looking forward to many more beautifully calm sunrises at the beach.

Here's what Ruth had to say about her experience:

"Not only is Breanna an amazing and talented photographer who can shoot beautiful images, she's also a kind and genuine human who tuned into the quiet, intimate moment that I feel encapsulate our love so well."