Who says you need a significant other for a photoshoot?

Ida came to me wanting to book a "self-love" session because she was celebrating her 50th birthday and her children are all older now. She wanted to do something nice for herself as she enters this new stage in life. I thought this idea was so fun! I've done several self-love sessions with past clients and I always love how clients feel about their photos afterwards.

I'm a firm believer in these self-love sessions. As individuals, we create a very specific image our ourselves that can be really hard to shake. We can focus only on our insecurities and be really hard on ourselves. I've seen how little photoshoots like this can completely change that. The moment my clients see themselves from a different perspective (mine), their demeanor changes. They stand a little taller, they smile a little more, and overall become more confident throughout the process. It's amazing what a good photo can do to one's confidence.

We spent a few minutes with Ida and her daughter to get them warmed up to the camera, and they were so cute! This session was really brief, but both of them were surprised at how they looked on camera. I live for that.

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