Aleesha + LUKAS

Aleesha and Lukas wanted to celebrate their first baby with a newborn photography session in Santa Clarita! I have worked with them for their elopement, their wedding, and now their first baby! I love working with returning clients because so much trust has been built throughout the years. Aleesha and Lukas are always so fun to work with, and now they're parents! They wanted a location outdoors that was beautiful and peaceful. I took them to one of my favorite spots in Santa Clarita for this newborn photography session. We've had a pretty wet winter season, so everything was so green. We were in the middle of a grassy field with the backdrop of mountains in front of us. Aleesha started the session with breastfeeding the baby. It was a beautiful moment between the two. I always recommend mothers to breastfeed during the session if they are able to, because not only is it such a precious moment, the baby becomes more calm and quiet. My style of newborn photography is unique in that I do lifestyle photography for these sessions. Typically, you'll see studio photography where the baby is sleeping in different positions, but I prefer to work with families in their most natural and comfortable state. I love when parents interact with their baby as they normally would. Soothing them, holding them, and talking to them. The love of a parent and their new child is so unique and beautiful to capture. I don't ever want to compromise that connection with unnatural poses or staged smiles!

If you are looking to capture the precious moments of your newborn baby, a photography session is a must. Newborn photography sessions capture the beauty and innocence of your baby in their first few weeks of life. In this blog post, we will discuss why a newborn photography session is important and what to expect during the session.

Why Is a Newborn Photography Session Important?

Newborn photography sessions are important because they capture the unique personality of your baby in their first few weeks of life. These moments are fleeting and will soon be gone, but a photography session will allow you to preserve these memories for years to come. Furthermore, a professional newborn photographer has the expertise to take stunning photos that will make your heart melt.


During the session, I will take a series of photos of you and your baby interacting with each other. I like to focus on candids and the details. The session is usually held within the first two weeks of birth, while the baby is still sleeping a lot and has not developed full mobility. I also work with newborns up to 6 weeks old, as I understand that it can take some time for the mothers and babies to recover!

The photography session will usually last around one to two hours, allowing me to capture all the essential shots. I will provide all the necessary props and equipment to ensure that the photos are stunning. You can also opt to include siblings in the photos. I will work with you to create a stunning collection of images that you will love to look back on.

In conclusion, a newborn photography session is a must for parents looking to capture the precious moments of their baby's first few weeks of life. It is essential to choose an experienced and professional photographer to ensure that the photos are stunning and capture the true beauty of your baby. So, don’t wait! Book your newborn photography session in Los Angeles today and preserve these fleeting moments that will soon be gone.