The answer I was given immediately after I had asked the couple if they had any marriage advice.

I loved this. I literally got married three days before this session and it felt refreshing and inspiring to be just surrounded by a love that had such depth. I typically spend a lot of time with people who are "newly" in love. It's exciting, it's fresh, and it's amazing. But being around a couple who has been committed to each other for years is different. Personally, I've been processing what marriage means and the commitment and sacrifice it requires. What a healthy marriage should look like in my life, how to be the partner my husband needs, how to adjust. It's crazy. So I loved that I was able to spend an afternoon with this fun couple. They had never been on front of the camera before, but it looked so natural. It was an absolutely gorgeous sunset and it couldn't have been more beautiful. I am so excited to share these with you, as this might be one of my favorite sessions ever. I feel so strongly about taking photos with your loved ones. Not only for special occasions, but just to capture you as are now. There doesn't need to be a huge life event or an engagement. Ten years down the line, you shouldn't have to regret putting off photos. Photos are so important in preserving memories, feelings, and stories. It can be hard finding that balance of "living in the moment" and documenting your life. But why not give the documenting part to someone who knows what they're doing? (aka me lol). These two wanted to hang up framed photos but realized they have never taken photos together ever. Which is why they booked with me. Again, it's so important to preserve memories because one day you'll want to look back and reminisce. I might be just too sentimental but I think it's still worth it. We spent a warm, sunny afternoon at one of my favorite state parks in Orange County. Although there is a tiny bit of hiking, the views are SO worth it. This is actually my FAVORITE spot to take couples for photo sessions in Orange County. It's big, it's open, and there are rarely any other people around. So it gives my couples room the breathe and to be present with each other. They won't get distracted by other people walking by, and they can just focus on being present. Go ahead and play the music and enjoy the photos.

Here's what Jessica had to say about their experience:

"My favorite part about working with Breanna was how at ease she made my husband and I feel. We both aren’t comfortable in front of a camera and she just had a way about her that made the session so fun and natural. Her photography skills are amazing and the pictures came out better then I even imagined. Definitely will be using Breanna with all our future photos."

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