Your next date night idea!

Usually when I shoot with couples, it just feels like a date night. Nothing crazy, just me following them around as if they were on a date.

That's the beauty of the photos I create- they feel real because they are real. Real moments, real emotions.

I spent the afternoon exploring the Orange Circle with my friends, Kaitlyn and Cory. We walked down alley ways, looked at the shops, caught up. Look, I love third-wheeling! Nothing makes me happier than capturing two people in love. That's why I just have so much fun with my couples!

So next time you want to go on a fun date, let me know! I'll be there to capture it. Photo shoots like this are such a unique way to connect with your partner. It can be as intimate or as casual as you want, but it's always fun if you just trust the process. Each couple is different, so each session feels different. It keeps things interesting for me, and I genuinely enjoy it. Check out the whole set from this session and let me know if you want a fun date night to be captured too!

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