Our vows are ever-changing

One year ago, we shared our vows to each other. We had already been married at that point, but we wanted it to be captured in a special way. It was then that we decided that our vows are living, breathing documents. We decided that they should change and grow with us, because one of the biggest things that we value in our relationship is growth. How far we've come together, and where we want to be. So naturally, we had to make some changes and additions to our vows!

This was like my favorite thing ever. Looking back at what I had written to Evan last year made me realize just how different we are as a couple and as individuals. It was so special that we got this moment captured (I only have one photos of us sharing our vows last year). And I'm so grateful that we had this opportunity!

We started at the bottom of the hill in a beautiful, low-key spot I know of in Santa Clarita. This gorgeous trail with rolling hills has the perfect view of the Los Angeles National Forest. It was pretty hot (being that it was mid-July) but as soon as the sun started to set, the lighting became softer and the heat became more bearable.

Then we went to the top pf the hill for a better view where we exchanged our new vows. We wrote in our vow books that I got last year at a quaint antique shop in Orange County. I'm so in love with these vintage notebooks because they're so much character in each of them. I played some music and we got to reminisce and share our promises to each other. We ended the night dancing to one of our favorite songs that we dance to in the kitchen, "What I wouldn't do for love." It was hilarious.

Why vow renewals shouldn't be every ten years

If you're married, or want that for yourself one day, I highly recommend exploring the idea of evolving vows. One of the best pieces of marriage advice we got when we were engaged was this: grow with each other. And we rolled with that. It's only been a year and I've seen us change so much. We're constantly learning, challenging ourselves, and leaning on one another through everything. It is SO important to recognize this as a couple.

This is also an incredibly special way to celebrate a wedding anniversary. I'd encourage you to invest in creating moments with your partner! If you're interested in doing something similar to this, just let me know and I'll go to you! As a Los Angeles wedding photographer, I believe love should be celebrated beyond just your wedding day. Before you now it, years will go by without any professional photos of your love and your connection. Anniversaries are something we celebrate because it allows you to reflect on your relationship thus far and establish traditions that you'll remember for the rest of your lives. From now on, this is something I'll be suggesting to each of my couples! :)

Please, play the music and enjoy the photos!